August 2012

Julien Nolan
Resident DJ & Music Director
Julien NolanJulien Nolan, from Nice, France has been passionate about music since his early childhood. Julien started his DJ career and was quickly noticed by numerous artists. Throughout the years, Julien built an impressive music library and brings a very personal touch to his musical choices. In 2007, Julien was invited to work for Emmanuel Taillandier, the co-owner of Sea Lounge Monte Carlo, one of France’s most famous restaurants frequented by celebrities of the film, sports and fashion industries. Since then, Julien has performed for the Sundance Film Festival, Toronto Film Festival and the World Sports Awards in Barcelona. In 2011, FIG & OLIVE offered Julien a position as Resident DJ and Music Director at the Melrose Place location in Los Angeles. View full bio

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