FIG & OLIVE’s founder, Laurent Halasz, grew up in Mougins, in the South of France. With his mother, Francine, they have been inspired by this region and ingredients to create the style of cuisine of FIG & OLIVE. This cuisine is based on genuine ingredients and a respect of flavors. Executive Chef Pascal Lorange continues to drive his culinary passion on those principles.

Mougins is also the birthplace of the “Cuisine of The Sun” and the famous restaurant, Le Moulin de Mougins. Each year, Mougins hosts a gastronomy event, “Les Étoiles de Mougins,” an international gathering of the world’s leading chefs. FIG & OLIVE, and its chefs, have had the privilege of participating in this event. One year, FIG & OLIVE invited three Michelin-rated chefs from the South of France and the winner of the Mougins competition to prepare a gala dinner at FIG & OLIVE in New York. In another year,

Pascal Lorange selected two emerging chefs to represent the United States at the Mougins competition.

Our ongoing relation with Mougins provides and maintains, for our chefs and guests, a direct link with the Mediterranean roots of FIG & OLIVE.

Les Etoiles de Mougins 2007 & 2008 – FIG & OLIVE

  • Executive chef pascal lorange & his cuisine

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  • Design

    FIG & OLIVE’s stunning décor exudes the essence of the Mediterranean region.

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  • Mougins

    FIG & OLIVE is inspired by the region and partakes in this world famous gastronomic event.


    We have selected some of the best extra virgin olive oils from the South of France, Italy, Spain and other regions.

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